Cockroaches Pest Control

cockroaches pest control

Cockroaches – Pest Control. Most people associate cockroaches to uncleanliness as they tend to be attracted to food sources. Eating establishments, kitchens and food storage tend to be the biggest situations for pest control to deal with cockroaches.

In Penrith we find the 3 main species of cockroaches that are found throughout Australia. German cockroaches, American cockroaches and Australian cockroaches.

They all vary slightly in their appearance and breeding/feeding patterns but they all pose a fairly serious health risk that should be dealt with asap.

Once cockroaches taint a food source it is deemed contaminated and in a commercial setting it needs to be discarded. In a residential setup you also need to pay close attention as it can be less obvious.

The way pest control will deal with your cockroach problem is to apply a low mammalian toxicity insecticide that is safe around people and pets and has almost no odour.

All windows and doors need to remain close as the spray dries to ensure that no cockroach can escape before the spray does its job.

Controlling cockroaches in eating establishments is incredibly important from a health and safety point of view. Pest Control Penrith can help you with all your commercial pest control needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

Bed Bugs Pest Control

bed bugs pest control

Bed Bugs – Pest Control. Bed bugs are often associated with an unhygienic sleep environment but that is not entirely true. Many 5 star hotels have had bed bugs despite their rigorous cleaning regimes.

Bed bugs can easy travel with people and can easily hide in clothing. They are more commonly found in high traffic areas (especially sleep areas) and a mattress provides the ideal living conditions for bed bugs.

Identifying bed bugs is not easy. Unless you have a trained eye you can easily overlook them or wrongly identify them as sometime more harmless. Telltale signs are:

  • Blood stains on your mattress, bed sheets or pyjamas.
  • Faecal spots on your bedding or mattress
  • Bed bug skins that has been shed.
  • More severe infestations the room has a musty stench due to the odour secreted by their glands.

Bed bugs feed on people and live on blood. They will pierce the skin with their mouths and their reddish brown colour comes from the blood inside them.

Removing Bed Bugs

In a commercial setup like a hotel, a regular high temperature washing routine is vital to prevent breakouts. A breakout in a residential or commercial setup will require rooms, to be sprayed with a bed bug insecticide.

Apart from us applying the bed bugs spray, you will need to apply a very strict washing routine for ALL your clothes at high temperatures and using eucalyptus oil. You will need to keep this up for 6 weeks.

After 4 to 6 weeks a second round of bed bugs spray will be applied to ensure that any hatched eggs are dealt with as well.

While bed bugs do not pose serious risks for adults, bed bug bites to children and pets needs to be checkout out by a doctor. In some people it can cause a more server skin reaction than for others

Ants – Pest Control

Pest Control - Ants.

Pest Control – Ants. While ants may not cause the level of damage that termites can, they can be troublesome in many ways in and around your home or your business. In a commercial setup they can get into large food containers and render it useless and cause damage that way.

In a residential setup large ant colonies inside and/or outside the house can take over your kitchen. Depending on whether your ant problem is inside, outside or both will determine the treatment.

Internal ant pest control involves the setting of traps. Traps work by feeding ants a bait that they will carry back to the nest. It will then destroy the nest from the inside out. This is a very effective way to do it without spraying the house since the ant traps are low toxic and poses little danger to pets and children.

The types of ants will determine the bait and traps that are used and your pest control specialist will be able to identify the type and species of ants.

For ants outside the home the best treatment is by spraying. Since it is harder to pinpoint ant trails setting trap and bait is not always effective. The perimeter around will be sprayed to ensure that there are no dead spots.

It can take up to 3 weeks for the ant bait to work and while you may still see some ants after 3 weeks you will also notice a lot of dead ants. If your Pest Control Penrith specialist provided you with bait then please be sure to use it exactly as per their prescription.

We also advice you to take great care in wiping down any and all kitchen surfaces – especially where sweet stuff is involved. Syrups, honey, sugars ec. are highly attractive as a food source for ants.

Pest Control Cockroaches

Pest Control Cockroaches

Cockroaches are some of the most common pests that we have to deal with in Sydney and out west here in Penrith. The climate in Sydney makes for a great place for cockroaches to live and breed and we have some of the biggest cockroach problems in the world.

Preventative treatment is definitely the way to go. It is far easier to prevent a cockroach infestation than to try and get rid of them.

Cockroaches pose problems both domestically and commercially. Like all pests they need food and water to survive and this means they are usually drawn to kitchens and places where food is readily available.

They are very robust animals and can withstand severe conditions. They can also adapt and move on when their food source dries up and in many commercial settings they can migrate to different parts of a building.

The Problem With Cockroaches

There are two main issues with cockroaches. The first is that they pose some serious health risk. They are not clean animals and pose a lot of threats to humans and animals.

Cockroaches carry bacteria that has been linked to diarrhea, polio and typhoid fever. They also carry salmonella and e-coli which are linked to food poisoning – just one of the many reasons why food establishments are at great risk to cockroaches.

Another big health concern with cockroaches is that their feces and saliva can easily be left behind on foods, containers and even cutlery. This can go undetected and cause serious health problems.

It often takes a trained eye to detect the signs of a cockroach infestation and pest control specialists are usually quite good in finding these subtle signs and tracking down the little pests.

The second big problem that cockroaches pose is that they can ruin electrical wiring. One of their favourite breeding grounds are in the engine compartments of fridges. They also tend to eat through wiring which can cause your appliances to fail – and in the worse case scenario it can cause electrical fires.

How To Prevent Cockroaches

Anywhere where food is available in abundance is at risk. Places like restaurants and commercial kitchens are particularly at risk since there’s so much food that can attract cockroaches.

Immaculate cleaning habits are essential in these establishments. Thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and making sure that food are cleaned from floors and all surfaces. Wiping it down and removing all food residues is also important since that can attract them as well.

Making sure all food containers are thoroughly sealed and that cockroaches can’t easily get access to them.

Make sure you always clean in areas where cockroaches are known to breed. Typically this is behind fridges and freezers, dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Professional Cockroach Treatments

Pest control specialists deal with cockroach infestations and prevention all the time. Food establishments have obligations to keep their establishments to a certain health standard and for this reason many have ongoing pest control services.

Professional cockroach prevention involves the application of barrier sprays in and around the most common areas where they are known to hang out.

Preventative treatments are highly effective but due to hazard standards the typical treatment in New South Wales (and most of Australia) will only last for about 4 months. This is why professional pest control is recommended once a quarter for any business that store, prepare or serve food.

In a domestic setup, over the counter products can work but if you have a more serious infestation you may need professional help.

Professional cockroach treatment is not the same as the stuff you buy at Bunnings. It is far more effective but can only be purchased and used by a certified pest control specialist.

If you have cockroaches in your home or if your business in Penrith is at risk, we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today for a free quote and expert advice on getting rid of cockroaches.

Commercial Pest Control Overview

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control is quite different from the run of the mill residential pest control service. Most homes across the Penrith area are of a similar size. They also tend to all face similar pest problems like rodents, ants, mosquitoes and bed bugs.

The pest control and management of residential properties are a lot less complex than commercial pest control. Many pest control experts that specialize in servicing the residential sector simply don’t have the experience or expertise of a commercial pest control specialist.

If there’s a rodent problem or a termite problem it is usually a one-off fix and some minor preventative measures usually do the job.

In a commercial setup there is a lot more on the line. Some of the businesses that need commercial pest control the most are as follows:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Food processing and preparation facilities
  • Grocery stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Farming
  • Childcare and Schools

Each one of these businesses face different issues. The overriding problem is that they are all at a much greater risk than a residential setup.

Businesses are always at risk of getting fined by governing bodies as they have to adhere to very strict health and safety guidelines.

Any business where food is a major part of the business tends to attract pests like rodents, ants and cockroaches. While a stringent cleaning and maintenance regime helps to prevent outbreaks, it is not always enough.

These types of businesses need ongoing pest management plans. In larger and more complex food processing facilities the management of pests becomes a very specialized role.

Not only can it lead to serious fines to the business but it can lead to massive financial implications. Ruined stock, business closures and most of all a ruined reputation pose serious risks for these types of businesses.

For this reason, commercial pest control needs to be swift and decisive. While you can afford to spend a week for rodents to be eliminated from a home, you do not have that luxury in a commercial setting.

Imagine if a customer sees a rat in their local supermarket or a cockroach in their favourite restaurant?

This also leads to different approaches to pest control in a commercial setup. It needs to work much faster since no business wants to close its doors due to pest problems.

In some settings like hotels and hostels the risk is also very high. Apart from the food source (restaurants and kitchens) there is also a lot of human traffic (and sometimes even pets) which increases the risks of bed bugs and fleas.

Bed bugs and fleas can ruin a hotel’s reputation overnight. Any hotel or hostel needs an effective and ongoing pest management plan.

Pest Control – Prevention

Prevention is always the easiest way for any business to deal with pests. The problem is when businesses start cutting costs on prevention.

Because commercial pest control is much more specialised, requires different pest management strategies and requires a different level of knowledge and skill it is more expensive than residential pest control.

For small businesses it can be a big expense – one they often deem unnecessary. Weighing up the risk of any sort of outbreak is required though because it can ruin a business’s reputation very quickly.

Pest control Penrith can help you with both residential and commercial pest control. Our expert team have the skills and experience to help your business stay safe and ultimately allow you to do what you do best which is to run your business.

It is always tempting to try and do it yourself but over the counter pest control products simply won’t be effective in a commercial setup.

Pest Control Tailored To Your Needs

Some businesses like restaurants and cafes can have fairly standard pest control plans. Hospitals, daycare centers and food processing plants however have vastly different needs.

It can get very complicated to do pest management in businesses that never shut down. Not only do you need a discreet pest management plan but you need one that takes into account all the different health and safety factors.

It is important that you get a pest control professional to access your business and its needs. Putting a prevention plan in place can save you thousands of dollars further down the line.

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments

Termite Inspections

Regular termite inspections is incredibly important for all homes and buildings with wooden structures. In Penrith and most of Western Sydney, new homes are constructed using timber frames which means the entire house is structurally supported by wood.

Termites love wood. Termites eat the cellulose which is the main component found in the cell walls of wood. Getting to this food source often means that they can eat through very solid wooden structures and they can do some serious damage.

Identifying potential termites is crucial. If they are not stopped early on they can work their way through an entire structure. Floors and walls are particularly vulnerable especially for subterranean termites as they can easily construct their tunnels to lead to the food source.

Wooden roof structures are not safe either as different species of termites have different feeding and nesting patterns.

All new wooden structures have the timber pre-treated by impregnating the wood with a liquid that makes the cellulose unattractive to termites. This treatment of the timber is a requirement for all new structures but it is not a guaranteed barrier.

Over time, wooden structures can get exposed to the elements which makes it more vulnerable to termites.

The best line of defense is regular termite inspections by a qualified pest control professional. Penrith Pest Control would be happy to assist you with all your termite inspection and treatment needs.

Termite Inspection Cost

The really scary part about termites is that they can infest an entire structure without you being able to see it. Since they make their way through the inside of a structural post or beam you will not even know they are there.

Weakening structures and even causing buildings to collapse can be incredibly costly. Termite inspection costs are off course a fraction of what structural damage will be.

If you live in an area where termites are prominent or if you’ve had termite problems in the past then we recommend a termite inspection at least once every 12 months. Ideally, every 6 months if the problems were severe in the past.

Termite inspection costs in Western Sydney vary between $250 and $350 for an average sized house. For a larger property it can be as high as $500.

Most professional pest control specialists will be able to give you a more accurate quote over the phone or after a quick assessment in person.

A pest control professional will know what signs to look for. They typically also employ the latest technology like infrared cameras and microwave treatment.

Termite Treatments

If your termite inspection confirmed the worst case scenario then you will need to resume with the appropriate termite treatment as soon as possible to limit any damage.

If the structural damage is severe – especially in older buildings you might have to get an engineer involved to make sure that the structure is still safe.

There are essentially 3 ways to treat termite infestations.

1.Bait Systems

Ideal for small and moderate infestations. A bait system will be placed around the colony with a control agent that acts as “food”. The termites will then take this agent back to the colony as food and in the process kill off the entire colony.

2.Liquid and Foam Sprays

Liquid and foam sprays kill termites on contact. This limits its use and is usually the most effective for subterranean termites around the house.


This is for serious termite infestations especially if drywood termites have invaded a structure. In more extreme cases your building might have to be “tented” for an effective fumigation.

Termite Treatment Cost

Termite treatment costs pale in comparison to the costs of structural damage. Identifying termite problems early is the key to preventing more serious damage.

A typical termite treatment will cost anything from $600 all the way up to $1200 for a home in Penrith and Western Sydney. Bigger buildings will off course be more expensive depending on the size and complexity of the problem.

Once you apply a termite treatment, regular inspections are recommended. An inspection every 3 months is recommended to ensure that they do not return. Most pest control professionals have a follow-up plan to make sure the treatment was successful.

termite treatment cost,termite inspection cost

How To Prevent a Termite Infestation

A home or a building that is already infested will need a professional intervention. There are however some basic steps you can follow to minimize the risk of termites in and around your home.

Moisture – prevent any excess moisture from getting into any structure. Any leaks in and around the home needs to be addressed to avoid structural wood from getting wet. Make sure your gutters work properly and divert water away from the building effectively.

Exposing Structures – make sure that no piece of structural wood gets exposed. If there are roof tiles or sheets that have holes they need to be replaced as this can provide an easy entrance for termites.

Keep your garden clean – do not let firewood or wood debri lie around in your garden. It acts as a great food source and can attract termite colonies. As a rule of thumb you want to prevent dry wood from being in contact with the soil.

Avoid cardboard – cardboard boxes contain the same cellulose that termites love. It can attract them so do not let cardboard boxes lie around in the garden with contact to the soil. Also avoid keeping cardboard boxes in basements and attic spaces.

Pest Control: Ants

pest control ants
pst control ants,penrith pest control ants

Penrith Pest Control Ants: We all have ants in our home from time to time. During the summer months in Sydney, it is very common to see a fair amount of ants in and around the home when food was left outside.

Most of the time it is not that hard to control. If things get out of control however they can really start to take over your kitchen. The ants you actually see represent only a very small portion of their colony.

Most residential ant control products only deal with the handful of ants you can actually see. To really eliminate the ant problem in your home you need to locate their next and remove that. Until you do that, more and more ants will keep showing up every day.

There are many species of ants that affect us here in Sydney. Most domestic ants are quite harmless but once they start taking over your kitchen and ruin food it becomes a bit more serious. When ants start taking over your lawn and eating all your lush green grass and plants it gets more serious.

When ants start eating their way through your building structure it becomes a critical problem. This is why it is important to never ignore an ant problem. It can quickly escalate and cause serious structural issues to buildings – especially here in Australia.

Identifying Ants

There are more than 10 species of ants that are commonly found domestically in Sydney. Some prefer to live outside while others prefer to move in with you.

Identifying the species of ants you are dealing with is important because it will determine your pest control strategy. Pest control for ants vary greatly from species to species as they all have different ways of colonizing.

In a domestic setup we want to minimize harsh poisons as it can have a severe effect on pets and young children.

Identifying ant species is not that easy and your local Penrith pest control specialist will be able to help you with that.

Removing ants can be as simple as setting the appropriate baits and removing nests but in some more severe cases the use of pesticides may be required.

Identifying the type of ant you can also reliably predict their nesting patterns and removing the nest could be the only way to remove the problem permanently.

The Biggest Ant Problems

Fire ants and carpenter ants represent the biggest problems. Fire ants are known to have a nasty sting and although it won’t affect most people more than just a small sting it can be serious. Children and pest can be particularly sensitive and a fire ant can cause allergic reactions.

If you have a fire ant infestation in your yard there can be millions of them and getting dozens and dozens of strings can be incredibly uncomfortable. Fire ants have to be removed. Finding and removing their nest is an important part of what Penrith pest control will do.

Carpenter ants pose one of the biggest problems. They can chew tunnels through structural wood and can cause structures to collapse. To make matters worse, these structures are usually out of sight and you may not even know that you have a problem until it is too late.

Identifying these carpenter ants where they come looking for food is important because it may be the only way for you to figure out that you actually have them to deal with.

The vast majority of new homes being built in Western Sydney is made up of wooden frames. While all new woods and building structures are heavily treated for ants, older buildings are always at risk. Not all new buildings are 100% risk-free either.

In some areas, regular inspections are required. Your local Penrith pest control can help you with these inspections and help ensure your home is ant free and safe. Before buying any new home or property we also advise you to get the appropriate inspections done.

You do not want to buy a new home only to find out that there is a massive structural problem due to ants.

Pest Control For Ants

Pest Control For Ants

Trying different dometic solutions from your local hardware store may work for small ant populations. These usually only address a small part of the problem and setting the appropriate ant baits can be complicated.

Different ants prefer different types of food and it is why some baits simply do not work. Baits also only address the worker ants which leaves a large part of the colony beyond.

Getting professional pest control for ants will help you identify the exact problem quickly and can help you deal with large infestations quickly and effectively. We would love to be of service to you here in Penrith, so please feel free to reach out to us.

Rodent Control – Why Rodent Pest Control Is Important

rodent pest control
rodent control,rodent pest control,pest control Penrith

Many people see the odd mouse or rat in and around their home every now and again. It may seem quite harmless at first but this can quickly escalate into a big problem if you do not apply an effective rodent control strategy.

Rodents pose a lot of dangers to people and having them near food is an absolute no-go. If you see signs of rodents in or around your kitchen then you need to act. Rodents can contaminate food.

What makes matters worse is they can find their way into your pantry or cupboard, help themselves to some food and often you will be unaware that they were even there.

This can contaminate food and leave harmful bacteria behind. You need to look out for the telltale signs that there are rodents around your kitchen.

Rodents can also cause a lot of damage. They have very well developed front teeth and can chew through almost anything – including wooden building structures. In many homes they also chew through furniture, wiring and fences.

Here are some important things to look for:

  • Droppings – rodent droppings contain a lot of bacteria and are incredibly unhygienic. You will usually see it where they like to feed in the form of small pellets.
  • Urine – rodent urine is usually small smear marks left behind on the floor or inside cupboards.
  • Chew Marks – rodents can’t help themselves. They have to gnaw on everything and these bite marks will be quite obvious. Most of the time they will create holes so they can access a food source.
  • Smears and Track Marks – rodents are filthy animals and they are usually covered in either dirt or food. They often leave traces of this as they walk along walls.

What Are Rodents

Rodent is the biological reference to the warm-blooded mammals that we commonly know as rats and mice. Here in Sydney we have many different species and Australia has one of the richest varieties of rodents in the world.

In urban areas, these rodents tend to find everything they love in abundance and they can range from small deer mice to massive roof rats.

Rodents should never be handled by hand. They bite when confronted and a bite can be very serious. In saying that, they will do everything they can to avoid you – which is why it’s so hard to find them.

The life cycle of most domestic species of rodents is about 4 to 6 months but they can live for up to 1 year. They do however breed quite rapidly which is why a rodent problem can quickly escalate.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents

The first step in addressing a rodent infestation is to identify the culprits. Dealing with common house mice is very different from dealing with big roof rats. A professional pest control specialist will be able to help you with this and apply the appropriate treatment to get rid of your rodent problem.

Once you have a rodent infestation it can be incredibly hard to contain. They are very adaptable and most DIY and domestic solutions simply do not work.

Getting a professional pest control specialist to do an initial assessment can save you both time and money wasted on DIY solutions.

Rodent Pest Control,safe rodent control

Once they identify the problem, they can apply the appropriate strategy to remove the rodents completely. They can also advise you on taking the appropriate measures to prevent further rodent infestations in the future.

Here are some of the most important tips to keep rodents out of your home and business:

  • Food Containers – Keep food containers properly sealed at all times. Open containers will invite rodents into your kitchen. Containers that can be breached easily should be sealed tightly. Once they get a sniff they will simply chew their way through it. Food in pantries and storage units need to be sealed in containers that can’t be breached easily.
  • Keep Surfaces Clean – Cleanliness is incredibly important. In a domestic setup you should always clean the kitchen before going to bed. Leaving food lying around at night time is an ideal setup for rodents.
  • Entry Points – If rodents made a home in your home then they must have an access point. This is usually small cracks or openings in walls or ceilings. You want to ensure that these entry points are properly sealed off but only after your pest control service removed the rodents.
  • Check Your Garage – A favourite hiding place for rodents is inside your garage – and more specifically inside the engine compartment of your car. During the cold months, rodents often seek out the warmth of your car engine and along with that comes a whole heap of problems. The most severe of these is usually wiring that gets bitten through. Be mindful of where you park your car during the daytime as well as they often gain entry and hitch a ride.

Pest Control – Mice Exterminators and Permanent Removal

pest control mice
pest control mice,pest control,penrith

When it comes to pest control mice is one of the most common domestic problems. For many restaurants and food establishments it can also be an ongoing problem. This is mainly because the mice are attracted to food.

They love living close to their food source. They are also very shy and will do everything they can to avoid you.

Having mice in your roof or ceiling or even in your walls can be very disturbing. They usually become active when you try to sleep and this is usually when you can hear them. It can drive you up the wall if you try to sleep with them having a party inside your roof space.

Mice are also incredibly unhygienic and pose a lot of health risks. They carry many diseases that affect people and living with a mice infestation is just not an option. You have to get rid of them.

There are many DIY solutions for mice pest control but many are not humane and the ones you can buy in hardware stores are often not very effective.

The best way to do pest control for mice is to get a professional in and Penrith Pest Control can most certainly help if you live in the Penrith area in Sydney.

Mice in Roof, Mice in Ceiling

One of the most common places we find mice is in the roof and in the ceiling spaces of homes across Sydney. Since they like to hide away, these are perfect places for them to live since there are almost never any human interaction.

They can easily work their way in through very small spaces and the nice warm conditions inside your ceiling space is an ideal breeding ground.

A mice infestation can cause a lot of damage. Their feces and urine can be left everywhere and get soaked into your ceiling and ceiling insulation.

On top of that, they love to chew through everything – including wiring.

These are often the signs to look for when a professional pest control service comes in. Droppings, chewed through wiring and urine stained ceilings are telltale signs that you have a mice problem.

Chances are that you will probably hear them well before these signs start showing up. Acting fast is the best way as they tend to breed very fast – especially if they have ample food and a nice home.

Mice in Walls

Another favourite space for mice is inside your walls. The climate in Sydney makes ventilated walls necessary and these spaces inside the walls of your house makes for an ideal home for mice.

Its warm and dry and also close to their food source which is often your bins or even your kitchen.

They can easily make their way in and out of the wall spaces via small cracks or unsealed openings and they can drive you crazy at night as they move around.

A lot of wiring and pipes run inside the walls of our buildings here in Sydney which is why it is so important to get rid of mice before they get to your wiring.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Roof

Many people head over to the internet to find out how to get rid of mice in the roof and ceilings. There are many DIY methods but we would not recommend any of them. Mice are unhygienic and we would advise you to not handle them in any way.

Setting traps is an option but be sure to check if they are humane and also make sure that they are safe with kids around.

While these DIY methods may work for one or two mice, you will need a professional solution to really deal with the problem.

A professional like Penrith Pest Control can effectively eliminate mice infestations in a humane way as set out by the government guidelines.

They will also be able to ensure that you do not get any new infestations by hoarding up potential entry points and identifying the source of the problem. Mice have the ability to gain entry to roof spaces by chewing through many materials.

Once they identify potential entry points it can be sealed off properly. Repellants can also be applied to ensure that they stay away but this should not be necessary if the proper precautions are taken.

For restaurants and eating establishments great care should be taken in cleanliness and access to food storage. Having mice around is just not acceptable and getting regular check by a professional pest control is essential to stay ahead of any infestations.

Pest Control in penrith

Mice Exterminator

A professional mice exterminator will use either mouse traps or poison or sometimes both. In sensitive places where food or children is around poison is not always a great option – even if it is deemed “safe to use”.

Where there are major mice infestations it may be necessary to use poison but this should always be done in strict accordance with government guidelines. In schools, daycare centers, hospitals and restaurants there needs to be special measures in place and any good licensed pest control expert will be able to provide you guidance on the best procedures.

Some people prefer to only use more humane extermination by using mouse traps instead of killing them via poison. This is a matter of personal preference but it is important to note that this can be a slower process, be more labour intensive and not always guarantee results.

Most poisons used by professional pest control services today are considered humane and they are designed to not cause suffering to the animal.

Mouse traps can be very inhumane as mice often get caught in them or badly injured.

Be sure to never handle the mice by hand. They carry many diseases and bacteria and a bite can land you in hospital. Be sure to get in touch with pest control Penrith if you need any further advise on dealing with mice pest control.

Bed Bug Pest Control – Sleep in Peace

bed bug pest control
Bed Bug Pest Control

Calling in bed bug pest control is not always something we like doing. In most cases, professional pest control is the only way to get rid of these devious little critters.

For many people the mere thought of bed bugs can send shivers up their spine. These tiny little bugs can be a real menace – and cause a lot of serious problems. While most bites from bed bugs won’t cause serious illness, it almost always requires a trip to your GP.

One of the big challenges with bed bugs is that they are almost impossible to see. Unless you know what to look for you will probably overlook them. Their bites is a different story though.

Even though you can not feel their bites, you will most certainly see and feel the effects the next day. It is usually characterized by an inflamed red area of the skin that forms a slight bump and it can be very itchy.

Why Do You Get Bed Bugs ?

The common misconception is that bed bugs are somehow related to cleanliness. This is absolutely wrong since bed bugs can be found anywhere – even in many 5 star hotels.

Many people will go on a crazy cleaning spree if they found bed bugs in their home but the reality is that this will be completely ineffective. They have to be exterminated.

Bed bugs are naturally attracted to carbon dioxide which is what we all breathe out. They can multiply quickly and they are incredibly good at hiding. One of their favorite places to hide is in mattresses where it provides the ideal living space for them.

Bed bugs can easily attach themselves to bedding and clothing and spread throughout your home and even beyond.

Dealing With Bed Bugs Effectively

A bed bug infestation needs to be addressed quickly. It can quickly turn into a nightmare if it is not handled by a professional pest control service that know how to eradicate bed bugs.

They are very good at hiding, but they are also very good at moving from one place to the next. Attaching to clothing they can easily spread from one home to another. They are commonly found in these places.

  • Hotel rooms
  • Dorm rooms (such as backpacker’s)
  • Public seating areas
  • Used furniture

Usually you will only find out about your bed bugs once you’ve been bitten. Many adults who get bitten will hardly feel it and often not have any real symptoms.

Bed bugs leave little telltale signs behind though. Their droppings is in the form of small little black specs that almost resemble ink spots. If you have light coloured linen then this will be quite obvious and often the first signs you will see.

Kinds can react quite strongly to the bite from bed bugs and they are usually more at risk of more severe issues.

You could also look for them and a highly trained pest control expert will know exactly what to look for.

They are tiny little specs that can be seen crawling on a mattress. Because they are burrowed into the mattress it is impossible to pick them off.

Many people just throw away their mattresses but that does not always solve the problem. They can remain in the linen, pillows and all your clothing.

The most effective way to get rid of a bed bug infestation in your home or your business is to get an expert in. There are a number of ways to deal with it effectively and a professional will be able to advise you on the best option.

bed bug pest control, pest control western sydney

Preventing Bed Bugs

Can you prevent the outbreak of bed bugs? Although there are some measures you can take, it is almost impossible to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home or business.

They have nothing to do with hygiene and can affect anyone and any place. However, places where a lot of people have close contact with soft furniture seems to be prone to bed bugs.

In your home you can inspect mattresses. The best way to do this is by making the room dark (they only come out at night) for a few hours and then switching on the light to do a quick inspection.

If you have a business such as a hotel you will need to make sure you have a proper system in place for washing linen professionally and getting regular pest control inspections and services in.

Bedbugs feed on blood so they need either humans or animals to survive. If you have pets then you need to keep an eye on them and their beds too. Some breeds of pets offer the ideal taxi for bed bugs to spread although fleas are more prominent.

If you are a frequent traveler then it increases your risk of bringing some bed bugs home with you. It is always a good practise to be mindful of the possibility of bringing bed bugs home with you after a trip abroad.

To be safe, you can always call in pest control for an inspection or two following trips – especially if similar trips brought bed bugs back home with you in the past.