Bed Bugs Pest Control

bed bugs pest control

Bed Bugs – Pest Control. Bed bugs are often associated with an unhygienic sleep environment but that is not entirely true. Many 5 star hotels have had bed bugs despite their rigorous cleaning regimes.

Bed bugs can easy travel with people and can easily hide in clothing. They are more commonly found in high traffic areas (especially sleep areas) and a mattress provides the ideal living conditions for bed bugs.

Identifying bed bugs is not easy. Unless you have a trained eye you can easily overlook them or wrongly identify them as sometime more harmless. Telltale signs are:

  • Blood stains on your mattress, bed sheets or pyjamas.
  • Faecal spots on your bedding or mattress
  • Bed bug skins that has been shed.
  • More severe infestations the room has a musty stench due to the odour secreted by their glands.

Bed bugs feed on people and live on blood. They will pierce the skin with their mouths and their reddish brown colour comes from the blood inside them.

Removing Bed Bugs

In a commercial setup like a hotel, a regular high temperature washing routine is vital to prevent breakouts. A breakout in a residential or commercial setup will require rooms, to be sprayed with a bed bug insecticide.

Apart from us applying the bed bugs spray, you will need to apply a very strict washing routine for ALL your clothes at high temperatures and using eucalyptus oil. You will need to keep this up for 6 weeks.

After 4 to 6 weeks a second round of bed bugs spray will be applied to ensure that any hatched eggs are dealt with as well.

While bed bugs do not pose serious risks for adults, bed bug bites to children and pets needs to be checkout out by a doctor. In some people it can cause a more server skin reaction than for others