Mice Pest Control

mouse pest control

Mice – Pest Control. Maybe you’ve had the experience of walking into your kitchen late at night and when you turn the light on you see a mouse race across the floor. This startles a lot of people and mice are known for not being clean animals at all.

In fact, mice like other rodents carry a lot of diseases. The common house mouse is very private and will do its best to avoid humans – but they love living in your home and feasting on your food.

They typically live behind fridges, washing machines, cupboards and other small crevices close to their food source (your kitchen). They are small and can easily fit in through small cracks and holes. They breed very quickly and require very little food and water to stay alive.

They can often live in your kitchen undetected for months. The real threat that the common house mouse pose is that they contaminate food with their urine and faeces.

The are also prolific gnawers and will gnaw on almost anything from books to cupboards and they can certainly cause some damage (even though its not as severe as with rats). They are also known to eat through wiring and if they live inside your house walls this can become a serious issue.

Your pest control specialist will look for droppings and gnaw marks to identify the presence and potential locations of mice in or around your home or business.

They will work out a plan and set baits that would encourage the mice to leave your home before they die to ensure no trapped dead rodents that will smell up the place.

Its important to note that the common house mouse also love living inside your car’s engine. The warmth and small crevasses makes for a great home. A car that has a lot of food left inside also attracts them and they can cause a lot of damage to your car and garage – especially if they start eating through wiring.

Your Pest Control Penrith specialist will inspect your garage and car to make sure that you do not have mice in and around your garage space and work out an appropriate plan to get rid of them in a fast and humane way.