Mosquitoes Pest Control

mosquito pest control

Mosquitoes – Pest Control. During the Australian summer, mosquitoes can be a real problem and affect our outdoor lifestyle severely. Female mosquitoes feed on blood and a bite can cause a lot of discomfort.

In many countries mosquitoes transmit serious diseases because it feeds on blood but fortunately none of these diseases have any rel presence in Australie.

Nonetheless, mosquito bites are uncomfortable and people with more sensitive skin can be prone to infections. Scratching and scabbing may cause secondary infections – especially for children.

The presence of mosquitoes in summer is unavoidable in Australia – especially when the weather is ideal for them during the moist warm summer months. Also, the presence of people makes it an ideal feeding ground.

We’ve all been annoyed by their presence when barbecuing, picnicking or just being out and about. While there are many commercial mosquito products you can apply on your skin and place in your home, it is major mosquito outbreaks that requires an intervention by a pest control specialist.

Finding the source of where a major mosquito outbreak started is the key. It usually involves a damp swampy area or a body of water where the eggs will be laid over winter only to hatch in summer.

Controlling mosquitoes indoors is much easier than outdoors. Over the counter mosquito sprays or timer aerosols can help keep a space mosquito free. Citronella oil has proven to be effective at repelling them as well even though there is no real scientific evidence of this working.

A pest control specialist can help you locate the source of the mosquitoes and help you get rid of them at the source. This can greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes you have to deal with inside or even allow you to use your outside spaces again without being eaten alive by a thousand mozzies.