Residential Pest Control

residential pest control

Residential Pest Control in Penrith covers a range of common household pests that pose either a nuisance or health risks. Rodents (rats or mice), cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, fleas and ants are fairly common and can be found in varying degrees and at different times of the year.

Many of these common pests require fairly standard treatments that a Pest Control Penrith specialist can deal with successfully based on years of local knowlege and experience. With many of our services you can get a quote directly over the phone.

For more complex cases, a site visit by one of our trained specialists may be required to advice you and if needed give you and appropriate quote.

The majority of residential pest control is aimed at removing the health and safety threat caused by the pests. Termites pose a different threat in that they can cause serious structural damage. Termite inspections and treatments form an important part of keeping your home and structure safe.

Residential pest control refers to standard sizes homes or apartments and all residential quotes are based on the size of an average home. Larger homes or homes on big lots may not be covered by standard residential pricing.

Individual apartments will still fall under residential but for apartment buildings and Strata work treatments are often different and all work will be done through strata and priced accordingly.

Different treatments come with different warranties and in general most residential work are covered by a 6 month warranty but please be sure to check the warranties of individual treatments.