Spiders Pest Control

spiders pest control

Spiders – Pest Control. With more than a thousand species of spiders in Australia it takes an expert just to identify them. While there are many harmless species, some are incredibly venomous and should be approaches with extreme caution.

Spiders form an important part of the ecosystem and actually help to control a variety of insects and pests around the house. Spiders usually venture indoors looking for food or shelter and they are generally afraid of people.

The Funnel Web Spider, Redback Spider and The Australian Huntsman are three very common species found in Australian homes. The Funnel Web Spider and the Redback spider are known for being quite aggressive and should not be handled under and circumstances.

When there’s a spider outbreak they can take over and getting rid of them will require a professional pest control solution. Over the counter products are only effective when applied directly to the spider and even then you need to have the right treatment.

Not all treatments work on all species of spiders. A pest control specialist will be able to advise you on the appropriate treatments for your spider problem.

Treatments involve a spray that will not only kill the current population of spiders but will also provide a “barrier” to prevent further outbreaks. For some species like the Redback Spider smoke bombs will be used as this allows the fumigation to reach into hard to reach places.

If spiders are found in the roof space or the sub floor, a dust will be sprayed into these spaces via a dust gun which is very effective at “bombing” the entire space.