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bed bug pest control
Bed Bug Pest Control

Calling in bed bug pest control is not always something we like doing. In most cases, professional pest control is the only way to get rid of these devious little critters.

For many people the mere thought of bed bugs can send shivers up their spine. These tiny little bugs can be a real menace – and cause a lot of serious problems. While most bites from bed bugs won’t cause serious illness, it almost always requires a trip to your GP.

One of the big challenges with bed bugs is that they are almost impossible to see. Unless you know what to look for you will probably overlook them. Their bites is a different story though.

Even though you can not feel their bites, you will most certainly see and feel the effects the next day. It is usually characterized by an inflamed red area of the skin that forms a slight bump and it can be very itchy.

Why Do You Get Bed Bugs ?

The common misconception is that bed bugs are somehow related to cleanliness. This is absolutely wrong since bed bugs can be found anywhere – even in many 5 star hotels.

Many people will go on a crazy cleaning spree if they found bed bugs in their home but the reality is that this will be completely ineffective. They have to be exterminated.

Bed bugs are naturally attracted to carbon dioxide which is what we all breathe out. They can multiply quickly and they are incredibly good at hiding. One of their favorite places to hide is in mattresses where it provides the ideal living space for them.

Bed bugs can easily attach themselves to bedding and clothing and spread throughout your home and even beyond.

Dealing With Bed Bugs Effectively

A bed bug infestation needs to be addressed quickly. It can quickly turn into a nightmare if it is not handled by a professional pest control service that know how to eradicate bed bugs.

They are very good at hiding, but they are also very good at moving from one place to the next. Attaching to clothing they can easily spread from one home to another. They are commonly found in these places.

  • Hotel rooms
  • Dorm rooms (such as backpacker’s)
  • Public seating areas
  • Used furniture

Usually you will only find out about your bed bugs once you’ve been bitten. Many adults who get bitten will hardly feel it and often not have any real symptoms.

Bed bugs leave little telltale signs behind though. Their droppings is in the form of small little black specs that almost resemble ink spots. If you have light coloured linen then this will be quite obvious and often the first signs you will see.

Kinds can react quite strongly to the bite from bed bugs and they are usually more at risk of more severe issues.

You could also look for them and a highly trained pest control expert will know exactly what to look for.

They are tiny little specs that can be seen crawling on a mattress. Because they are burrowed into the mattress it is impossible to pick them off.

Many people just throw away their mattresses but that does not always solve the problem. They can remain in the linen, pillows and all your clothing.

The most effective way to get rid of a bed bug infestation in your home or your business is to get an expert in. There are a number of ways to deal with it effectively and a professional will be able to advise you on the best option.

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Preventing Bed Bugs

Can you prevent the outbreak of bed bugs? Although there are some measures you can take, it is almost impossible to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home or business.

They have nothing to do with hygiene and can affect anyone and any place. However, places where a lot of people have close contact with soft furniture seems to be prone to bed bugs.

In your home you can inspect mattresses. The best way to do this is by making the room dark (they only come out at night) for a few hours and then switching on the light to do a quick inspection.

If you have a business such as a hotel you will need to make sure you have a proper system in place for washing linen professionally and getting regular pest control inspections and services in.

Bedbugs feed on blood so they need either humans or animals to survive. If you have pets then you need to keep an eye on them and their beds too. Some breeds of pets offer the ideal taxi for bed bugs to spread although fleas are more prominent.

If you are a frequent traveler then it increases your risk of bringing some bed bugs home with you. It is always a good practise to be mindful of the possibility of bringing bed bugs home with you after a trip abroad.

To be safe, you can always call in pest control for an inspection or two following trips – especially if similar trips brought bed bugs back home with you in the past.