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Penrith Pest Control Ants: We all have ants in our home from time to time. During the summer months in Sydney, it is very common to see a fair amount of ants in and around the home when food was left outside.

Most of the time it is not that hard to control. If things get out of control however they can really start to take over your kitchen. The ants you actually see represent only a very small portion of their colony.

Most residential ant control products only deal with the handful of ants you can actually see. To really eliminate the ant problem in your home you need to locate their next and remove that. Until you do that, more and more ants will keep showing up every day.

There are many species of ants that affect us here in Sydney. Most domestic ants are quite harmless but once they start taking over your kitchen and ruin food it becomes a bit more serious. When ants start taking over your lawn and eating all your lush green grass and plants it gets more serious.

When ants start eating their way through your building structure it becomes a critical problem. This is why it is important to never ignore an ant problem. It can quickly escalate and cause serious structural issues to buildings – especially here in Australia.

Identifying Ants

There are more than 10 species of ants that are commonly found domestically in Sydney. Some prefer to live outside while others prefer to move in with you.

Identifying the species of ants you are dealing with is important because it will determine your pest control strategy. Pest control for ants vary greatly from species to species as they all have different ways of colonizing.

In a domestic setup we want to minimize harsh poisons as it can have a severe effect on pets and young children.

Identifying ant species is not that easy and your local Penrith pest control specialist will be able to help you with that.

Removing ants can be as simple as setting the appropriate baits and removing nests but in some more severe cases the use of pesticides may be required.

Identifying the type of ant you can also reliably predict their nesting patterns and removing the nest could be the only way to remove the problem permanently.

The Biggest Ant Problems

Fire ants and carpenter ants represent the biggest problems. Fire ants are known to have a nasty sting and although it won’t affect most people more than just a small sting it can be serious. Children and pest can be particularly sensitive and a fire ant can cause allergic reactions.

If you have a fire ant infestation in your yard there can be millions of them and getting dozens and dozens of strings can be incredibly uncomfortable. Fire ants have to be removed. Finding and removing their nest is an important part of what Penrith pest control will do.

Carpenter ants pose one of the biggest problems. They can chew tunnels through structural wood and can cause structures to collapse. To make matters worse, these structures are usually out of sight and you may not even know that you have a problem until it is too late.

Identifying these carpenter ants where they come looking for food is important because it may be the only way for you to figure out that you actually have them to deal with.

The vast majority of new homes being built in Western Sydney is made up of wooden frames. While all new woods and building structures are heavily treated for ants, older buildings are always at risk. Not all new buildings are 100% risk-free either.

In some areas, regular inspections are required. Your local Penrith pest control can help you with these inspections and help ensure your home is ant free and safe. Before buying any new home or property we also advise you to get the appropriate inspections done.

You do not want to buy a new home only to find out that there is a massive structural problem due to ants.

Pest Control For Ants

Pest Control For Ants

Trying different dometic solutions from your local hardware store may work for small ant populations. These usually only address a small part of the problem and setting the appropriate ant baits can be complicated.

Different ants prefer different types of food and it is why some baits simply do not work. Baits also only address the worker ants which leaves a large part of the colony beyond.

Getting professional pest control for ants will help you identify the exact problem quickly and can help you deal with large infestations quickly and effectively. We would love to be of service to you here in Penrith, so please feel free to reach out to us.