Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections are crucial in helping to protect your home or buildings from potential disaster. Termite outbreaks can destroy timber structures and unless it is detected early, it could be too late.

The Australian Standard 3660 outlines that a visual termite inspection be conducted every 12 months and also that it includes an area up to 50 meters around the property.

Early detection of termites is the key to limit structural damage. Thermal imaging, moisture meters and listening devices are commonly used. A trained eye and years of experience however is often the most reliable. Either way, making sure that termites do not go undetected is the main purpose of a termite inspection.

While termites often leave telltale signs around timber structures it is not always visible. With timber framed homes they can make their way into the structures via their underground nests.

This is why a thorough examination of the perimeter of the house or building is so important. If the presence or termites are detected then your pest control specialist will advise you on the best termite treatment options.

Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control. Pest control is serious business and a wide variety of businesses can be gravely impacted by all sorts of pests. Whether you are in retail, hospitality, education, health care or even a warehouse or office building then you need a robust pest management plan.

If your business is affected by pests it can lead to fines and penalties. Worse still, it can damage your reputation and eventually cripple your business.

Every business faces a unique pest problem. This means that it requires a unique solution and our commercial pest control service can help you come up with a robust plans and ongoing pest management to keep your business and your reputation safe and help your business thrive.

We can come out to your business free of charge to give you advice, an honest assessment and a free quote.

Residential Pest Control

residential pest control

Residential Pest Control in Penrith covers a range of common household pests that pose either a nuisance or health risks. Rodents (rats or mice), cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, fleas and ants are fairly common and can be found in varying degrees and at different times of the year.

Many of these common pests require fairly standard treatments that a Pest Control Penrith specialist can deal with successfully based on years of local knowlege and experience. With many of our services you can get a quote directly over the phone.

For more complex cases, a site visit by one of our trained specialists may be required to advice you and if needed give you and appropriate quote.

The majority of residential pest control is aimed at removing the health and safety threat caused by the pests. Termites pose a different threat in that they can cause serious structural damage. Termite inspections and treatments form an important part of keeping your home and structure safe.

Residential pest control refers to standard sizes homes or apartments and all residential quotes are based on the size of an average home. Larger homes or homes on big lots may not be covered by standard residential pricing.

Individual apartments will still fall under residential but for apartment buildings and Strata work treatments are often different and all work will be done through strata and priced accordingly.

Different treatments come with different warranties and in general most residential work are covered by a 6 month warranty but please be sure to check the warranties of individual treatments.

Termites Pest Control

termites pest control

Termites – Pest Control. Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood which makes them a real danger for many houses and structures in and around Sydney. Most new homes are constructed using timber frames and this makes them particularly at risk for termite infestations and potential termite damage.

Older houses and buildings are also at risk. Termites can eat their way through very solid looking timber structures and cause it to weaken to the point of collapse. Often their tunnels are inside the wooden structures which makes it hard to detect. This is where proper termite inspections become so important.

Once termites are found to be present on a property, a professional pest control specialist will be able to access the risks and the appropriate treatment.

If there are signs of more serious structural damage then further structural investigations may be required. Pest control will only deal with the termites themselves.

To eradicate termites, bait is used. It is non-chemical and will be ingested by the termites and they will then take it back to their colony where they will share it and in the process eradicate the entire colony from the inside out. This is far more effective than trying to locate and spray an entire colony.

In some cases it may be necessary to use a process called dusting where a fine powder will be applied to soil or via holes in timber structures where termites are present.

Since termites find their way into your homes from their nests outside the home it is often necessary to treat the soil around the home. The types of treatments will depend largely on the types of constructions used and in some cases it will be necessary to drill holes in concrete to get to the soil.

In more severe termite infestations a very thorough treatment may be required with follow up treatments to help protect the structures and to ensure that further damage is stopped for good.

Spiders Pest Control

spiders pest control

Spiders – Pest Control. With more than a thousand species of spiders in Australia it takes an expert just to identify them. While there are many harmless species, some are incredibly venomous and should be approaches with extreme caution.

Spiders form an important part of the ecosystem and actually help to control a variety of insects and pests around the house. Spiders usually venture indoors looking for food or shelter and they are generally afraid of people.

The Funnel Web Spider, Redback Spider and The Australian Huntsman are three very common species found in Australian homes. The Funnel Web Spider and the Redback spider are known for being quite aggressive and should not be handled under and circumstances.

When there’s a spider outbreak they can take over and getting rid of them will require a professional pest control solution. Over the counter products are only effective when applied directly to the spider and even then you need to have the right treatment.

Not all treatments work on all species of spiders. A pest control specialist will be able to advise you on the appropriate treatments for your spider problem.

Treatments involve a spray that will not only kill the current population of spiders but will also provide a “barrier” to prevent further outbreaks. For some species like the Redback Spider smoke bombs will be used as this allows the fumigation to reach into hard to reach places.

If spiders are found in the roof space or the sub floor, a dust will be sprayed into these spaces via a dust gun which is very effective at “bombing” the entire space.

Ticks Pest Control

ticks pest control

Ticks – Pest Control. Ticks are known to carry and transmit some serious diseases like lime disease. They go through different life cycles and live off blood. They are constantly looking for a suitable host to feed on and most of the time is it animals.

House pets like cats and dogs are particularly vulnerable as their long hair and proximity to outside areas make them easy targets for ticks to attach themselves and work their way to the skin where they can find a blood feed.

In Australia, domestic ticks can mostly be found in grassy areas where they usually attach themselves to house pets. Children are also at risk when they play in grassy areas where there are ticks.

Ticks are small and almost invisible to the naked eye. Their bites however can become painful in itself and cause a host of serious diseases.

House pets need regular treatments – especially if ticks are found on them. If pets brought ticks into the house then they can also spread to everyone else in the house. Tick bites should be taken seriously in animals and in people.

Your pest control specialist can give you general advice on dealing with ticks on animals or members of your family however it is always advised that you see a vet or a doctor after bite are spotted.

Pest control for ticks is more aimed at finding the location of the ticks which is most often in weedy and grassy areas.

Rats Pest Control

rat pest control

Rats – Pest Control. There are mainly 3 types of rats that cause problems in the Penrith area and they are the Roof rats, Sewer rats and Wood rats.

Each type can be found in different areas of your home or business and each come with their own challenges of eradication.

Rats are filthy creatures and carry a host of serious diseases. Their presence in your home or business should not be tolerated as it can cause a lot of health related issues as well as serious damage to your property.

Rats have to constantly chew on something as their front teeth are overdeveloped and this leads to them chewing through almost anything in your home – from beams to wiring and even plastic.

Once rats made the inside of your ceiling or walls their home they will stop at nothing. They love to live near a food source and the safety of your walls or ceiling provides the ideal home for them where it is warm and dry.

Rats can contaminate food and if they make their way inside your cupboards they can render all the food as waste since tainted food is deemed unsafe for consumption. This become an even bigger problem in food establishments or packaging plants.

In an agricultural setup or food preparation facilities there needs to be an ongoing rodent management plan to avoid any rat or rodent infestations.

Your Pest Control Penrith specialist will device a plan based on the evidence of rats in or around your home or business. Most of the time bait is set to encourage the rats to leave your home and die outside. This avoid dealing with an even bigger problem of a dead rat(s) inside a wall or roof space.

For this reason you should avoid most commercial rat poisons because it ends up creating an even bigger problem of dealing with the stench of dead rodents. A pest control professional know how to effective remove rats permanently without having to deal with dead rats on your property.

Most of the times your pest control specialist will have a follow-up visit after 7 to 10 days to ensure that the rats took the bait and that they are indeed gone. If they used traps for the bait then they will come and remove the traps as well.

Mice Pest Control

mouse pest control

Mice – Pest Control. Maybe you’ve had the experience of walking into your kitchen late at night and when you turn the light on you see a mouse race across the floor. This startles a lot of people and mice are known for not being clean animals at all.

In fact, mice like other rodents carry a lot of diseases. The common house mouse is very private and will do its best to avoid humans – but they love living in your home and feasting on your food.

They typically live behind fridges, washing machines, cupboards and other small crevices close to their food source (your kitchen). They are small and can easily fit in through small cracks and holes. They breed very quickly and require very little food and water to stay alive.

They can often live in your kitchen undetected for months. The real threat that the common house mouse pose is that they contaminate food with their urine and faeces.

The are also prolific gnawers and will gnaw on almost anything from books to cupboards and they can certainly cause some damage (even though its not as severe as with rats). They are also known to eat through wiring and if they live inside your house walls this can become a serious issue.

Your pest control specialist will look for droppings and gnaw marks to identify the presence and potential locations of mice in or around your home or business.

They will work out a plan and set baits that would encourage the mice to leave your home before they die to ensure no trapped dead rodents that will smell up the place.

Its important to note that the common house mouse also love living inside your car’s engine. The warmth and small crevasses makes for a great home. A car that has a lot of food left inside also attracts them and they can cause a lot of damage to your car and garage – especially if they start eating through wiring.

Your Pest Control Penrith specialist will inspect your garage and car to make sure that you do not have mice in and around your garage space and work out an appropriate plan to get rid of them in a fast and humane way.

Mosquitoes Pest Control

mosquito pest control

Mosquitoes – Pest Control. During the Australian summer, mosquitoes can be a real problem and affect our outdoor lifestyle severely. Female mosquitoes feed on blood and a bite can cause a lot of discomfort.

In many countries mosquitoes transmit serious diseases because it feeds on blood but fortunately none of these diseases have any rel presence in Australie.

Nonetheless, mosquito bites are uncomfortable and people with more sensitive skin can be prone to infections. Scratching and scabbing may cause secondary infections – especially for children.

The presence of mosquitoes in summer is unavoidable in Australia – especially when the weather is ideal for them during the moist warm summer months. Also, the presence of people makes it an ideal feeding ground.

We’ve all been annoyed by their presence when barbecuing, picnicking or just being out and about. While there are many commercial mosquito products you can apply on your skin and place in your home, it is major mosquito outbreaks that requires an intervention by a pest control specialist.

Finding the source of where a major mosquito outbreak started is the key. It usually involves a damp swampy area or a body of water where the eggs will be laid over winter only to hatch in summer.

Controlling mosquitoes indoors is much easier than outdoors. Over the counter mosquito sprays or timer aerosols can help keep a space mosquito free. Citronella oil has proven to be effective at repelling them as well even though there is no real scientific evidence of this working.

A pest control specialist can help you locate the source of the mosquitoes and help you get rid of them at the source. This can greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes you have to deal with inside or even allow you to use your outside spaces again without being eaten alive by a thousand mozzies.

Flies – Fly Pest Control

flies pest control

Flies – Pest Control. Flies are not only a major nuisance in and around your home and business but they actually pose some serious health risks.

Flies are not clean insects and they are known to spread a variety of diseases. Domestic varieties of flies are known to spread diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, conjunctivitis, dysentery and many more.

Flies also pose serious risks to animals and on farms and small holdings it can cause a lot of diseases if not controlled. Bottle flies, blow flies and flesh flies can be particularly dangerous and outbreaks need to be controlled before infections are allowed to spread to animals and people.

Once a year Sydney gets its fair share of flies as the climate changes from the colder winter months. This fly infestation usually lasts about a week before many of the flies will die off. A fly infestation is different as it is usually characterised by large amounts of flies that remain consistent in numbers and even grows bigger.

There are a number of species of flies to be found in Western Sydney in both domestic and commercial setups. Garbage flies, house flies and bottle flies are the most common.

Keeping garbage close in bags and keeping the lids of garbage bins close is an important step to preventing flies from being attracted to your property. Keeping bins clean and practising good hygiene will go a long way towards keeping egg-laying flies away.

Your Pest Control Penrith specialist will help you identify the types of lies and the appropriate treatment required to get rid of them. We will also provide you with expert advice on how to keep your home and business free from flies by practising some basic sanitation practices.

Open drains, gutters and large bodies of water tends to be much harder to control as it naturally attracts flies. Gardens with a lot of damp areas are also susceptible and great care should be taken with compost heaps. As your pest control specialist about the best ways to deal with your garden equipment and compost heaps to ensure flies don’t find an ideal breeding ground there.