Termites Pest Control

termites pest control

Termites – Pest Control. Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood which makes them a real danger for many houses and structures in and around Sydney. Most new homes are constructed using timber frames and this makes them particularly at risk for termite infestations and potential termite damage.

Older houses and buildings are also at risk. Termites can eat their way through very solid looking timber structures and cause it to weaken to the point of collapse. Often their tunnels are inside the wooden structures which makes it hard to detect. This is where proper termite inspections become so important.

Once termites are found to be present on a property, a professional pest control specialist will be able to access the risks and the appropriate treatment.

If there are signs of more serious structural damage then further structural investigations may be required. Pest control will only deal with the termites themselves.

To eradicate termites, bait is used. It is non-chemical and will be ingested by the termites and they will then take it back to their colony where they will share it and in the process eradicate the entire colony from the inside out. This is far more effective than trying to locate and spray an entire colony.

In some cases it may be necessary to use a process called dusting where a fine powder will be applied to soil or via holes in timber structures where termites are present.

Since termites find their way into your homes from their nests outside the home it is often necessary to treat the soil around the home. The types of treatments will depend largely on the types of constructions used and in some cases it will be necessary to drill holes in concrete to get to the soil.

In more severe termite infestations a very thorough treatment may be required with follow up treatments to help protect the structures and to ensure that further damage is stopped for good.