Ticks Pest Control

ticks pest control

Ticks – Pest Control. Ticks are known to carry and transmit some serious diseases like lime disease. They go through different life cycles and live off blood. They are constantly looking for a suitable host to feed on and most of the time is it animals.

House pets like cats and dogs are particularly vulnerable as their long hair and proximity to outside areas make them easy targets for ticks to attach themselves and work their way to the skin where they can find a blood feed.

In Australia, domestic ticks can mostly be found in grassy areas where they usually attach themselves to house pets. Children are also at risk when they play in grassy areas where there are ticks.

Ticks are small and almost invisible to the naked eye. Their bites however can become painful in itself and cause a host of serious diseases.

House pets need regular treatments – especially if ticks are found on them. If pets brought ticks into the house then they can also spread to everyone else in the house. Tick bites should be taken seriously in animals and in people.

Your pest control specialist can give you general advice on dealing with ticks on animals or members of your family however it is always advised that you see a vet or a doctor after bite are spotted.

Pest control for ticks is more aimed at finding the location of the ticks which is most often in weedy and grassy areas.