Pest Control – Mice Exterminators and Permanent Removal

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When it comes to pest control mice is one of the most common domestic problems. For many restaurants and food establishments it can also be an ongoing problem. This is mainly because the mice are attracted to food.

They love living close to their food source. They are also very shy and will do everything they can to avoid you.

Having mice in your roof or ceiling or even in your walls can be very disturbing. They usually become active when you try to sleep and this is usually when you can hear them. It can drive you up the wall if you try to sleep with them having a party inside your roof space.

Mice are also incredibly unhygienic and pose a lot of health risks. They carry many diseases that affect people and living with a mice infestation is just not an option. You have to get rid of them.

There are many DIY solutions for mice pest control but many are not humane and the ones you can buy in hardware stores are often not very effective.

The best way to do pest control for mice is to get a professional in and Penrith Pest Control can most certainly help if you live in the Penrith area in Sydney.

Mice in Roof, Mice in Ceiling

One of the most common places we find mice is in the roof and in the ceiling spaces of homes across Sydney. Since they like to hide away, these are perfect places for them to live since there are almost never any human interaction.

They can easily work their way in through very small spaces and the nice warm conditions inside your ceiling space is an ideal breeding ground.

A mice infestation can cause a lot of damage. Their feces and urine can be left everywhere and get soaked into your ceiling and ceiling insulation.

On top of that, they love to chew through everything – including wiring.

These are often the signs to look for when a professional pest control service comes in. Droppings, chewed through wiring and urine stained ceilings are telltale signs that you have a mice problem.

Chances are that you will probably hear them well before these signs start showing up. Acting fast is the best way as they tend to breed very fast – especially if they have ample food and a nice home.

Mice in Walls

Another favourite space for mice is inside your walls. The climate in Sydney makes ventilated walls necessary and these spaces inside the walls of your house makes for an ideal home for mice.

Its warm and dry and also close to their food source which is often your bins or even your kitchen.

They can easily make their way in and out of the wall spaces via small cracks or unsealed openings and they can drive you crazy at night as they move around.

A lot of wiring and pipes run inside the walls of our buildings here in Sydney which is why it is so important to get rid of mice before they get to your wiring.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Roof

Many people head over to the internet to find out how to get rid of mice in the roof and ceilings. There are many DIY methods but we would not recommend any of them. Mice are unhygienic and we would advise you to not handle them in any way.

Setting traps is an option but be sure to check if they are humane and also make sure that they are safe with kids around.

While these DIY methods may work for one or two mice, you will need a professional solution to really deal with the problem.

A professional like Penrith Pest Control can effectively eliminate mice infestations in a humane way as set out by the government guidelines.

They will also be able to ensure that you do not get any new infestations by hoarding up potential entry points and identifying the source of the problem. Mice have the ability to gain entry to roof spaces by chewing through many materials.

Once they identify potential entry points it can be sealed off properly. Repellants can also be applied to ensure that they stay away but this should not be necessary if the proper precautions are taken.

For restaurants and eating establishments great care should be taken in cleanliness and access to food storage. Having mice around is just not acceptable and getting regular check by a professional pest control is essential to stay ahead of any infestations.

Pest Control in penrith

Mice Exterminator

A professional mice exterminator will use either mouse traps or poison or sometimes both. In sensitive places where food or children is around poison is not always a great option – even if it is deemed “safe to use”.

Where there are major mice infestations it may be necessary to use poison but this should always be done in strict accordance with government guidelines. In schools, daycare centers, hospitals and restaurants there needs to be special measures in place and any good licensed pest control expert will be able to provide you guidance on the best procedures.

Some people prefer to only use more humane extermination by using mouse traps instead of killing them via poison. This is a matter of personal preference but it is important to note that this can be a slower process, be more labour intensive and not always guarantee results.

Most poisons used by professional pest control services today are considered humane and they are designed to not cause suffering to the animal.

Mouse traps can be very inhumane as mice often get caught in them or badly injured.

Be sure to never handle the mice by hand. They carry many diseases and bacteria and a bite can land you in hospital. Be sure to get in touch with pest control Penrith if you need any further advise on dealing with mice pest control.