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Pest Control - Ants.

Pest Control – Ants. While ants may not cause the level of damage that termites can, they can be troublesome in many ways in and around your home or your business. In a commercial setup they can get into large food containers and render it useless and cause damage that way.

In a residential setup large ant colonies inside and/or outside the house can take over your kitchen. Depending on whether your ant problem is inside, outside or both will determine the treatment.

Internal ant pest control involves the setting of traps. Traps work by feeding ants a bait that they will carry back to the nest. It will then destroy the nest from the inside out. This is a very effective way to do it without spraying the house since the ant traps are low toxic and poses little danger to pets and children.

The types of ants will determine the bait and traps that are used and your pest control specialist will be able to identify the type and species of ants.

For ants outside the home the best treatment is by spraying. Since it is harder to pinpoint ant trails setting trap and bait is not always effective. The perimeter around will be sprayed to ensure that there are no dead spots.

It can take up to 3 weeks for the ant bait to work and while you may still see some ants after 3 weeks you will also notice a lot of dead ants. If your Pest Control Penrith specialist provided you with bait then please be sure to use it exactly as per their prescription.

We also advice you to take great care in wiping down any and all kitchen surfaces – especially where sweet stuff is involved. Syrups, honey, sugars ec. are highly attractive as a food source for ants.