Rats Pest Control

rat pest control

Rats – Pest Control. There are mainly 3 types of rats that cause problems in the Penrith area and they are the Roof rats, Sewer rats and Wood rats.

Each type can be found in different areas of your home or business and each come with their own challenges of eradication.

Rats are filthy creatures and carry a host of serious diseases. Their presence in your home or business should not be tolerated as it can cause a lot of health related issues as well as serious damage to your property.

Rats have to constantly chew on something as their front teeth are overdeveloped and this leads to them chewing through almost anything in your home – from beams to wiring and even plastic.

Once rats made the inside of your ceiling or walls their home they will stop at nothing. They love to live near a food source and the safety of your walls or ceiling provides the ideal home for them where it is warm and dry.

Rats can contaminate food and if they make their way inside your cupboards they can render all the food as waste since tainted food is deemed unsafe for consumption. This become an even bigger problem in food establishments or packaging plants.

In an agricultural setup or food preparation facilities there needs to be an ongoing rodent management plan to avoid any rat or rodent infestations.

Your Pest Control Penrith specialist will device a plan based on the evidence of rats in or around your home or business. Most of the time bait is set to encourage the rats to leave your home and die outside. This avoid dealing with an even bigger problem of a dead rat(s) inside a wall or roof space.

For this reason you should avoid most commercial rat poisons because it ends up creating an even bigger problem of dealing with the stench of dead rodents. A pest control professional know how to effective remove rats permanently without having to deal with dead rats on your property.

Most of the times your pest control specialist will have a follow-up visit after 7 to 10 days to ensure that the rats took the bait and that they are indeed gone. If they used traps for the bait then they will come and remove the traps as well.